Solar Power Bank – 30,000 mAh


  • Enjoy efficient, eco-friendly charging
  • Wired and wireless charging solar power bank
  • Robust mAh capacity you can count on
  • Three USB output ports to simultaneously charge multiple devices
  • Compact power bank that can be carried easily by hand or in a bag
  • Portable charger for the outdoors or everyday use
  • Durable ABS & silicone construction for an anti-slip, reliable power bank
  • 213W high-power LED camping lights, in addition to fast charging

Prepare for outdoor adventures, emergency situations, or just everyday life with a solar power bank. This portable charger is great for travelers, hikers, and anyone needing to charge their devices on the go. With multi-device charging, a bright LED camping light, and durable construction, this is a great solar power bank to help you stay connected.

Why Switch to Solar?

With many new advancements in solar panels and energy storage, there has never been a better time to switch to solar energy. We work with a variety of customer needs, from off-grid solar to solar energy systems for commercial buildings and nearly everything in between.