Benefits That Make Going Solar Easy

Save Money

Solar energy is less expensive than paying your utility for the same power.

Be Self-Sufficient

With new energy storage options available you don’t have to worry about short or long term power outages.  It’s even possible to completely disconnect from the utility and go off-grid!

Control Your Energy Costs

Don’t be forced to pay ever increasing electricity rates.  Lock in your power rate for many years to come and own your energy.

$0 Out of Pocket

Going solar doesn’t mean a big cash down payment.  No down payment or deposit is required.

Valuable Tax Incentives

The Federal Solar Tax Credit can cover 30% of the total cost to go solar.  This means your tax dollars go to paying for your power instead of to the IRS.  Many other State and local incentives are available based on your location.

Add Value To Your Home

Solar adds substantial value to your home that can be realized when you sell, refinance, or take out equity.

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